Paul Capotosto

Citywide Secretary
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Paul began his law enforcement career on patrol in Brooklyn. Eventually working the 70th Precinct Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit (SNEU) and Anti-crime team. In time a bribery arrest would secure his transfer to the Organized Crime Control Bureau (OCCB). As fate would have it, Paul’s then wife of ten months, also an officer at the 70th, was shot three times, when a prisoner gained control of another officer’s firearm. Mary’s selfless act, which saved the life of that fellow officer, was not without cost as her recovery was long, arduous and nothing short of miraculous.

Not long after, Paul was promoted and assigned to the 109th Pct. as the Training Sergeant. Realizing it was his calling, he transferred to the Police Academy and became a proficient Instructor. There he was also elected SBA Delegate. Paul’s affiliations include the Police Self Support Group, FOP Glen K. Pettit Memorial Lodge No. 235, and the NYPD Columbia Association.

Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Labor Studies from the National Labor College and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, with Distinction, from Mercy College. He also acquired several certificates attending executive courses at Harvard University’s JFK School of Government, the Brookings Institute, The Wharton School, and Cornell University.