As the hardest working Frontline police supervisors in the world, NYPD Sergeants are guided by an unrivaled sense of justice, determination, courage, nobility, selflessness and commitment to duty. They work hard to help others while advancing the ideals of New York City, which is universally regarded as the Capitol of the World.

Becoming an NYPD Sergeant requires a great deal of preparation. Newly promoted sergeants must have a minimum of 5 years of police service. Besides requiring a wealth of knowledge, they must display immense leadership qualities at all times.

Young police officers remember their first sergeants the way military recruits remember their first drill instructors. In order to lead by example it is crucial that NYPD sergeants possess the essential qualities of integrity, leadership, experience, objectivity, confidence, physical conditioning, motivation, promptness and consistency.



Nothing is more important in police work than integrity. It defines who you are as a person, as well as what you represent as a guardian of public safety.


As frontline supervisors in the world’s largest municipal patrol force, effective leadership is the key to all of NYPD’s success in law enforcement, public safety and public service.


Effective NYPD sergeants rapidly develop the experience necessary to be able to take quick and decisive actions under the most stressful and often dangerous of situations. Many have learned from the best that came before them.


One of the worst character traits any law enforcement official can have is tunnel vision. No one knows that better than an NYPD sergeant. Every situation they encounter requires a fair and accurate assessment, and there is no such thing as a routine police assignment.


NYPD sergeants perform their duties with utmost confidence in their abilities to handle the most unusual and unpredictable of situations. Working under such daunting and often dangerous conditions requires them to have supreme confidence in their ability to effectively handle anything that comes their way.

Physical Conditioning:

As mentors to the men and women whom they supervise, physical conditioning of NYPD sergeants is as important as the equipment on their gun belt. Without warning they can find themselves grappling with a suspect or chasing someone through the city streets or up several flights of stairs and over rooftops. The confidence and bearing that comes from good physical conditioning is of paramount importance to personal and public safety.


If a sergeant is not motivated, the men and women who serve under them will not be motivated. Leadership starts at the top, and the motivation to do the right thing while tackling challenges head-on with eagerness and enthusiasm will only make others want to emulate you.


Well-trained police officers are always prompt, so NYPD sergeants must lead by example. They are always on time and ready to work, whatever their assignment might be.


NYPD sergeants must carry out their duties and foster their leadership skills with utmost consistency. It is what makes them the finest frontline supervisors in the world – bar none.