SBA: Blas made a “wise” choice in Bratton

December 6, 2013 - 1 minute read

The head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association called Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s selection of William Bratton a “very wise choice” and said the department’s new top cop “brings out the best in people.” 

“The new mayor made a very wise choice in appointing William Bratton as his police commissioner,” SBA President Ed Mullins said after the announcement Thursday.


“Commissioner Bratton’s ingenuity and creativity was responsible for the tremendous turnaround that we’ve experienced in this great city over the past two decades. He is an excellent manager who surrounds himself with highly qualified people,” Mullins said. “Although he has very high expectations of those who work for him, morale in the Department was never greater than when he was the commissioner. He brings out the best in people, and all of the city’s residents, as well as Department members of every rank, will be well-served by his appointment. On behalf of all 12,000 SBA members, it is my pleasure to welcome him back.”